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Yu Hongbin is America's 1st au pair from China!

With Burgeon's professional assistance, Yu Hongbin (Cecilia) has achieved widespread fame as the first Chinese au pair in the U.S.

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The English website is currently undergoing construction.  If you have any inquiries that cannot be answered on the site, feel free to contact us via email or phone.
Burgeon Education is now expanding its USA-China higher educational programs.  Contact us now to find out how your school could expand its international programs by partnering with leading universities and colleges in China.

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While one could easily get a refund for or replace a faulty iPod, a bad plan for oneís own education or a wrong choice of school can have effects on the student that cannot be easily rectified or undone, the impact on the student usually lifelong. Recognizing this unique value and import of education, we at Burgeon Education place the welfare of the student at the first place on our moral compass when planning her college and high school education outside China. 

When we counsel our students, it is their personal interests, strength and future plans for career that most immediately and persistently concern us. Discovering the talents of a student and helping them fulfill their potentials are our mission, with which in mind we have encouraged thousands of students to seek challenges and embrace opportunities in the globe. 

Great courage is needed when pursuing further education; still greater courage is needed when one is pursuing further education on swiss replica watches foreign soil. When Chinese parents rely on our advice about study abroad options in countries where most of them have never been, they put into replica watches trust the greatest asset of their family, often their only child, at Burgeonís hand. Professionalism is important in many businesses, like law, accountancy, IT, etc., but in no place in the world can professionalism be more critical than situations like this when our professionalism can shape the career of one student and the fortune of an entire family. Burgeon excels in the field of education consulting in that we at Burgeon always try to get first-hand information of countries, cities, schools and courses and convey them in the most accurate terms to students and parents. 

Our elite team, consisting of college graduates from top universities around the world and most with extensive living and working experience outside China, is recruited at top universities in the west or at the very finest Chinese colleges. Burgeon makes a point in ensuring that our staff all have many years of experience dealing with western education and each member on the staff has visited the countries she works with. Burgeonís team has a hard work ethic, and our counselors?versatility enables us to design the optimal study and career plans for our students and in many cases share our own experience of individual success with the latter whenever they have problems with their studies or lives abroad. 

As a norm, we visit every school we work with before we send them students, and once the students arrive, we also pay a visit to them as well. And we develop long-term plans to watch our students?academic progress and their ability to thrive socially many years after the students have left home. Indeed, we have visited virtually every one of the more than two hundred universities and boarding schools in Britain. From those visits we acquire most valuable information like the real human environment, the facilities, the dorms and food, and most important of all, through our talking with the faculty we also got first-hand course information which proves itself to be useful when helping students decide the right stuff to study. And Burgeon makes sure that our students in most schools receive at least an annual visit from our staff; such visits have been well received by the students and most welcome to their families at home. And such visits further help counselors at Burgeon and Burgeonís partner educators to understand things from students?perspective, which, in addition, allows Burgeon to recruit the most suitable students to each of our partner school and to send our students to places that match their interests and personal preferences. 

At Burgeon, we firmly believe that, besides our hard-working and dedication, it is professional ethics and integrity that are the foundation of success collaboration between Burgeon and our partners. Such integrity and professionalism has won us trust from many universities, colleges and schools which formed business partnership with us. We are delegated by our partner institutions to run many tests in our office, including ISEE, SLEP, Oxford Placement Test, as well as entrance tests and papers for many boarding schools such as the prestigious Harrow School (which, founded in 1572, have graduated countless members of British royal family) and Fettes (which is Tony Blairís alma mater) and UCL foundation course. We also represent universities, colleges and school on education fairs, tours and many other occasions in southern and northern China.  

Bringing together a wealth of expertise on all aspects of western education, we cherish our reputation the world over as an independent source of advice and consultation for parents, students and schools and will continue our effort to fulfill our mission to bridge the east and the west.


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