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Application assistance

Post-application assistance

Visa support



For prospective students

Renowned in the east for promoting western education, Burgeon Education works with more than two hundred Chinese universities, colleges and schools to help send Chinese students overseas to study at our partner western universities and colleges. In order to guarantee the best education for our students, burgeon works only with accredited education institutions in the UK, Australia, Canada, and the USA.    

In china, our Chinese education specialists review the qualifications of the students interested in a western education. Our consultants help students realize and focus their educational goals through one-on-one interviews. Based on their needs and preferences, we recommend programs that suit each student best. For those who want to change their educational focus or major during their college career, our consultants will help to find a suitable solution for them. Burgeon believes that a good education is most important in a studentís development. Therefore, we always recommend only the best schools and programs for our students.

Application assistance 

We at Burgeon understand the difficulties Chinese students encounter when applying to foreign schools due to the culture and language barriers. That is why we offer assistance with applications to those who decide to study overseas. When students submit their application forms to us, we check to make sure there are no language errors that could cause misevaluation by admission officers. We also review all application forms before they are sent to guarantee the best applications for our students. Burgeon always remains faithful to both the schools and the students by maintaining our strict moral responsibility of never allowing forged documents to be submitted during the application process.

Post-application support

After applications are sent, we always follow up on the status of the applications.  If students receive several acceptance offers, we also provide assistance with choosing the right university or college for them.

Before our students leave China, we consult them and their families to help ease any concerns they may have about studying abroad.  We understand that it can be difficult for parents to let their children go to school in another country, as many Chinese families only have one child.  That is why we do our best to prepare families and students for their education experience abroad by explaining the advantages of studying abroad at an early age.  To ensure a smooth transition into their studies, we instruct every student about the cultural and linguistic problems they may encounter at school and how they should deal with them.

After counseling both the students and their families, we are proud to say that all of our students prove to be mature enough to overcome the difficulties they may encounter in their country of study.  We also arrange airport transportation for them for their arrival to assist in the transitional process.  If our students happen to run into any problems with which they need assistance, our representative offices located worldwide offer full support for our students.

For families sending their children overseas to boarding high schools, we ensure only the most excellent student care from schools with great academic reputation.  Our long standing relationships with our partner schools enable us to recommend the best boarding programs to Chinese families, as we have extensive knowledge of the schoolís staff and courses.  In regards to the schools, we are rather prudent about letting our students apply and will only allow the application to go through after we have reviewed the facilities and courses ourselves.


Obtaining visas has always been a concern for most universities, colleges and schools.  Most of burgeons' students have successfully received visas in the past, but that does not mean we are able to avoid visa problems completely.  To ensure a smooth visa application, we always thoroughly check the students' financial situations before recommending them to study overseas.  In addition to reviewing families' finances, we provide consultation for our students regarding the entire visa process.

While visa officials need to make a quick decision, Burgeon spends hours talking with our students to identify their reasons for studying abroad.  If genuine students run into problems while applying for a student visa, we never reserve appealing to the relevant authorities to grant their visa.  However, for students who have intentions other than studying after their arrival, we discuss the realities of going overseas with them to make them rethink their educational goals.

Burgeon Education does not have any connections with consulates or embassies of any countries.   We assist our students solely through our professional understanding of immigration policies.


If you are interested in working with Burgeon to further your education by taking it overseas, please contact us at


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